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Lago Bay is a dynamic lake and beach association bordered by protected rainforest a fresh-water lagoon and a private airstrip. With sustainable investments, boutique agriculture, aquaculture projects, and over 2 kilometers of beach front, residents live within the tropical abundance of Panama.

The Lago Bay community is accessible by air, water and land. Located in Largatero, Panama, Lago Bay lies nestled in a protected cove facing the beautiful islands of Cebaco, Leones and Gobernadora.

You Will Find At Lago Bay:

  • Airstrip (920 meters)- constructed
  • Hangar Homes- planned
  • Coconut Project (oil-juice)- in progress
  • Natural Wells and Underground Electricity- developed
  • Bed&Breakfast/Duplex Opportunities
  • Aquaculture (Tilapia, Spirulina)- in progress
  • Boutique Agriculture (Citrus, Plantain, Chocolate, Avocado)- growing
  • Alternative Health and Home School- planned
  • Permaculture/Produce- in progress
  • Boat Tour opportunies for Diving, Fishing, Coiba- 
  • Construction/Logistics Opportunities
  • Investment Opportunities: Real Estate, Air, Commercial 

Key advantages:

Lago Bay has many Residential Advantages such as:

  • Almost every residence in the association has beach front or ocean view. The majority of lots have an added lake, lagoon or preserved forest border.
  • The protected rain forest, lagoon and fruit orchards not only offer great natural beauty, but also lend a feeling of privacy for residents.
  • The fully stocked lakes are unique points for recreation/social areas.
  • Lago Bay has contacts with local architects and contractors with attractive home models and inexpensive building costs.
  • Internet and Cell Phone communications are up and running.
  • With 1.4 miles of beach and three fishing ponds...there's a lot of room. Several thousand coconut and palm trees have been planted along the high-tide mark to compliment the already existing canopy of native tree species
  • Our airstrip is the only one available in the area. With a 45 minute flight from Panama this is an extremely favorable advantage over a 5 hour drive.
  • The immediate surrounding area is one of few that provides the combination of world-class fishing, diving and surfing.


Lago bay is a lake and beach association that offers a unique blend of concepts. Although projects and goals are stated, we are constantly evolving as a dynamic and growing community. We are looking for good people with good ideas to continually evolve towards a sustainable and bright future.




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