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Today people are not just searching for their piece of paradise in the tropics. Usually once they finally get to the perfect spot at the perfect time in their lives...they usually find it to be boring...or something missing. On the other hand, stress with second home mortgages isn't trending so well these days either. Many people in the world are reevaluating their priorities in life. The quality of life.  

Santa Catalina offers restaurants, hotels, dive shops, fishing tours, kayak rentals, surf lessons and sailboat tours within a 15 minute drive. Coiba Park is the area's anchor attraction along with the island of Cebaco. On a day to day, however, working or creating is an innate sense that we all share. All of the beauty and activity in the Santa Catalina area is great for the night out or a day trip...but the idea of producing something unique and valuable is a great way to have a sustainable focus.  

With the airstrip and beach front at Lago Bay, services that involve tourism are a natural fit. Lago Bay also has the components and space to grow and cultivate commodity-based resources. It's a good way to get started with an idea or combine forces and synergy with a project already underway.  

Investing and working opportunities go hand in hand. Currently there are several of both, but as one unfolds, so does the other. For example Lago Bay is seeking investors for the Spirulina project. Although we have located qualified biologists for the undertaking, Lago Bay will still need much general help with the raceways and processing. 

We have planted thousands of coconuts for the juice and oil. Anyone know about cold press? 
Many other activities are available. An email or conversation with Brett, the developer, would be great to clarify current needs. We're looking for people that want to create. Forward thinking pioneers rethinking resources and working toward quality and healthly lifestyles are needed. Opportunities:




  • residential lots/construction
  • commercial lots
  • investment-grade beachfront



  • tilapia/shrimp
  • spirulina



  • coconut juice/oil
  • permaculture/acuaponics
  • avocado, plantain, chocolate







  • restaurant
  • construction
  • tours










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