Work Volunteer Mission

The Lago Bay Volunteer Program is a meditative work program designed to bring good energy to a unique project. Lago Bay is a lake and beach community that merges quality construction and sustainable boutique agriculture. With the volunteer program we create a space for a deeper cultural experience. The basis of the program is work. This work integrates the participants in a much more challenging experience than passing travel or vacation. The work is suppose to be challenging enough for the volunteer to push towards his or her comfortable limits. Given tropical conditions, these limits are both physical and mental. The challenge creates an introspective and hopefully beautiful internal experience in which the participants cultivate both within and without.

General Schedule/Rules/Preparation:

Monday- House cleaning, personal laundry, organizing day.
Tuesday-Saturday- Work days in Field.
Sunday- Free day off.

Living Space
*breakfast, lunch and dinner area will be specified.
*maintain all kitchen and living space clean
*only toilet paper in the bowl.
*no food in trash (outside compost)
*be conscious of water (turn off while bathing/brushing etc)
*turn all lights on/off gently
*no shoes in house
*no open containers in refrigerator
*clean 110% of what you use (things in general get dirty faster in the tropics)
*be considerate of bathroom relative to other volunteers 

What to bring:

Bath- towel, soap, toiletries.
Work wear- Gloves, hat, field shoes/boots, jeans)
Misc- Flashlight, Bug spray, Sunscreen, laundry soap,
Suggested- candle, book,

Fishing, biking, surfing, diving, hiking are all activities that are recommended for Sundays.


Mental preparation is also very important. The tropical heat and insects combined with working are not easy unless the participant is mentally prepared for a challenge.


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