According to the Lonely Planet, diving around Coiba is the best Pacific diving from Mexico to Colombia. Diving here is fairly deep, and contains some of the most beautiful aquatic life imaginable. Coiba as a mixture between the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador and the Cocos Islands, Costa Rica. Mainly, because it's the same underwater island chain. This area is virtually virgin territory for the scuba diver. The water temperature at the surface is in the low 80's, and thermo clines are common at depth dropping the temperature to the mid 70's. Currents are variable depending on the tide. An 8ft to 12ft tidal exchange is present around the islands and can sometimes make diving challenging. The visibility on average is around 70 feet.

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There are many dive sites in the area. At every site, large schools of fish are seen, including snappers, grunts, barracudas and jacks. Large moray eels are common here and the white-tipped reef shark is also ubiquitous. Intervals between dives are spent relaxing on white sandy beaches such as Granito de Oro, or simply taking in the beautiful scenery on the many islands around Coiba. From the boat, chances are good for spotting whales, dolphins and turtles.

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Diving in Coiba is completely different to Caribbean diving, from the distinct reef formations to the less colorful but larger, fish species. The general consensus is that diving in Coiba is the best diving in Panama. Lago Bay is an hour boat ride from the island chain and makes for an unforgettable day trip.