Moringa at Lago Bay:


Moringa is an extremely nutrient-dense and multi-use tree that is often referred to as a super food. At Lago Bay we have planted this easy to grow 'wonder' creatively in order to integrate permaculture ideas within a residential community. Near the entrance of Lago Bay is a labyrinth made with shaped moringa trees and flowers that makes for a beautiful garden. Many of the fences or boundary markers of the project have moringa. Because moringa is best when pruned and shaped, it is great for a variety of locations that would otherwise obstruct views. The frequent pruning is synonymous with harvest time.


moringa Vol800.jpg

The quantities of vitamins and health properties packed into this plant are staggering.

Moringa has MORE:

Vitamin A than Carrots (Moringa: 6780mcg vs. Carrots: 1890mcg)

Vitamin C than Oranges (Moringa: 220mg vs. Orange: 30mg)

Calcium than Spinach (Moringa 440mg vs. Spinach: 30mg)

Potassium than Bananas (Moringa: 259mg vs. Bananas: 88mg)

Iron than Beef (Moringa: 4mg vs. Beef: 2.2mg)

Protein than Eggs (Moringa: 6.7gm vs. Egg: 6 gm)


Other Health Properties of Morninga include:

Moringa has over 40 powerful antioxidants

Moringa contains flavonoids for maintenance of healthy hair and nails

Moringa helps stimulate clear vision

Moringa is proven to combat harmful bacteria in the body

Moringa contains a powerful plant hormone called zeatin, which protects the skin and increases the antioxidant activity of enzymes that fight aging

Moringa reduces cytokines, which are involved in inflammatory processes

Moringa leaf is used to treat gastric ulcers. It's an acid-reflux fighter

Moringa is a blood sugar balancer shown to effectivly improve insulin response for treating diabetes.

Moringa has a complete amino-protein profile (18 amino acids and 28% protein) for high stamina.


chart from Amchara